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Motorola Repair

We specialize in repairing Motorola Phones. Parts and used devices are sold directly on our website or in our store.

Recycle Old Electronics

We accept Anything from hand held devices to Televisions. We will even pick them up. Most old electronics are able to be used for parts or recyled into their former state to be used again.

Doctor! Doctor! Help

Broken Cell Phone Just bring it in and we will fix it on the spot, give you an estimate or buy it from you if you wish.

Buy used electronic parts from us

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REcycle it!

Todays land fills are full of plastics, and other used garbage. Much of the environmental concern can be aleviated with recycling. Most things we throw away are broken but could be fixed or used to fix another product. Let's start today by Recycling our used cell phones and other electronics. Some parts can be reused if recyled early enough. Others will be melted down to build our favorite products of the future.

Get it fixed!

It is easy to get a device fixed. Simply fill our the form and we will send you an estimate of the projected cost for the repair. Once you are ready drop it in the mail and we will return the product as good as new.


We are located in Chardon, Ohio. That puts us East of Cleveland about 20miles and South of Lake Erie about 10miles. For your convenience devices can be mailed directly to us for estimates and repair. Used equipment to recycle can even be picked up.